My Work

Below you'll find some of my most recent work. If you have any questions regarding any of the examples below, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Windows Phone Splash Screens

A colleague of mine is getting into the app market - a perfect opportunity to start designing for apps! He's developing two apps at the moment and they both needed loading screens.

ARQ Salons

ARQ Salons had an outdated website and desperately needed to branch out. They wanted a functional, contemporary layout that brought user experience to the forefront. A style to their own, they were presented with two very distinct designs, both utilizing their new user-friendly layout.

The home page acts as a portal to all of the major sections of the site. The site was implemented into WordPress so that ARQ Salons could make changes and updates as they needed, eliminating the need for constant changes by the designer.

The new social media services will allow ARQ Salons to maintain an even closer relationship with their existing clients and also add new avenues to attract new clients.

Note: ARQ Salons design and development completed while working at Atomic Crayon.

Camas Solutions Inc

The partners of Camas had an interesting desire. They wanted a website that maintained the 'youthfulness of Facebook and the professionalism of a law firm'. I was excited to accept the challenge and provided them with a solution built for future expansion.

The home page was built for flexibility, with the option for Camas to change the featured boxes to focus on any product or service they felt needed extra emphasis.

Not Quite Black

Perhaps a shameless plug, but NQB is my personal blog. Having said that, it was still treated like any other client project and went through all of the proper stages.

You can find the colour pink featured in a lot of my personal designs. Pink + Grey = Happy Day.

Cabin Trip 2011

I do posters as well! Each summer, my friends and I make a trip up to a semi-rugged cabin. In anticipation for this year, I got a little carried away with some poster concepts.